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earn the most when you sell

How much is your jewelry worth?

GOOD FORTUNE JEWELRY will assist you in determining the value of your jewelry. There is no fee or obligation for this service!

CONTACT US TODAY!  selling@goodfortunejewelry.com

Selling your Jewelry is Fun and Easy! The Good Fortune Jewelry Team will provide you with instructions for sending your jewelry to us. Good Fortune Jewelry can also arrange to have an
Express Pick-up Pack delivered to your home or business. All jewelry is fully insured during transit.

FREE QUOTES!   The Good Fortune Jewelry Team will contact you when your jewelry arrives and will provide you with a complimentary Appraisal and Market Value Assessment. Our staff will explain the various Sales Options available to you at Good Fortune Jewelry and will assist you in determining which plan best suits your needs. If you decide not to sell your jewelry at this time, Good Fortune Jewelry will return your items to you by express mail.

Selling your jewelry

  1. ON-LINE SALE and IN-STORE SALE - Good Fortune Jewelry will sell your jewelry through our ON-LINE Good Fortune Jewelry Website.
    At your option, your jewelry may also be displayed and sold at the Good Fortune Jewelry Retail Store (IN-STORE SALE). In both locations your jewelry will be sold for a pre-determined and fixed price.

    SELLING PRICE - The Good Fortune Jewelry Team will inform you of the anticipated selling price of your jewelry and will disclose to you the payment amount that you can expect to earn when your jewelry sells. The proceeds you receive from an ON-LINE or IN-STORE SALE will exceed the Instant Cash Sale payment.

    The Good Fortune Jewelry Team will professionally clean your Pre-owned Jewelry so that it shines like new! Our staff will photograph your jewelry and create a descriptive narrative, as well as a complete appraisal for each jewelry item. When your jewelry sells, it will bring top dollar!

    PAYMENT – You will receive payment in the amount of 70% of the selling price for an ON-LINE SALE of jewelry and 60% of the selling price for an IN-STORE SALE of jewelry.

Talk with us in person!   Monday - Saturday from 10:00 - 5:30 EST. (888) 746-9009 or (603) 357-7500.
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